Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vulvodynia on Squidoo

I couldn't find a page about vulvodynia on, so I made one:

Right now, it's a rundown of vulvodynia facts plus a handful of the most helpful (non-blog) vulvodynia resources I've found on the web. Please let me know if you have suggestions, amendments, or content you would like me to add. I tried to keep it relatively brief while hitting the most salient vulvodynia tidbits I'm aware of.

Honestly, I wrote most of it from memory, so if you see any factual errors, give me a shout out!

I thought about adding all our blogs but wasn't sure how people would feel about that. If you want me to add your blog, please let me know. (Mine's only in my Squidoo profile so far.)

And please, if you see any typos, tell me! It's late and my eyes are refusing to proofread.


  1. I don't mind if you list my blog. I've been terrible about regular posting, but I promise to get better at it.

    I hope you are well, and thank you so much for doing this. We need all the support and resources we can get.

  2. Vaginismus is more muscle-related, so it's distinct from vulvodynia. I don't believe it effects the nerve endings, in and of itself. I'm not sure it should be there but if you want to leave it (since they do tend to go together,) I would word it something more like "A related pain syndrome, vaginismus, is distinct & related to pelvic floor dysfunction/poor pelvic floor functioning," and I would include a link to its entry.
    Dilators are really more for vaginismus too, I believe.

  3. Thanks Lora! I will add your blog to the page. Don't worry about not writing; we know you're busy. I hope you're doing well.

    K, thanks for the clarification about vaginismus. I will update the page to reflect it.

  4. Thanks for spreading awareness and education about vulvodynia. I work as a coach and educator at Sensovi Institute in Charlotte NC and we've just developed the Painful Sex Assessment to help clients and their medical team better identify and treat vulvar pain.

    You may want to pass along our site as a resource for women:

    Even if women don't live near Charlotte, they can take the assessment online and get an extensive, personalized Road Map on how to proceed. It also includes a 50-minute coaching session which could be done online or over the phone.

    We'll add your page to our list of resources!

  5. Hey, just found your blog... I've been dealing with vulvodynia/pudendal nerve damage for about seven years now. As for your recently created page, this website is really helpful:

    It's mostly about pudendal nerve stuff, but it does list physical therapists by state and also doctors in the specialty. Thanks for getting the word out!

  6. Becky - thanks for stopping by! I don't feel comfortable posting about your service as I haven't used it, but thanks for sharing the info with us here.

    AK - thanks for the info! That looks like an awesome resource. I'll be sure to share it.