Thursday, January 29, 2009

At the Library

Vulva -- See also Clitoris
Really? That's like Perineum [no link] -- See also Penis [link]

Vulva -- Religious aspects : The yoni : sacred symbol of female creative power / Rufus C. Camphausen; University
I am totally finding this book.

Vulva Surgery -- See also Infibulation
Uhm, no, infibulation involves sewing the outer lips together. The vulva is just one of the muffled.

Vulvectomy -- See also Clitoridectomy
Again...vulva DOES NOT EQUAL clitoris. And vice versa.

Your entry vulvodynia would be here -- Search as Words
Yes, it would be. At least you know your alphabet.

Vundt, V., 1832-1920 -- See Wundt, Wilhelm Max, 1832-1920
I am marrying this man.

Uh oh. I'm in class and another vulva just sat down next to me. Suddenly I'm not so bold about my affliction.


  1. Heh I started reading the how-to sex guides with pictures in them at the Bookstores in public :)

    I was like "O god there's another person clearly skulking around this aisle who would like to read the books alone but I was here first... You know what, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE lalala not listening I don't see you there alalala not leaving you do your thing I'll do mine I swear I won't judge you." And I have the page open to like pictures of naked people...

    It was kind of funny :)
    If you're looking for vulvodynia books & there aren't any available, maybe you could set up an interlibrary loan. When I was still in school, I requested several journal articles about vulvodynia & the vestibulectomy using interlibrary loan & the library gave them to me in a few days. Very useful feature.

    I did this a few years ago with an out of print book through my grade school. The intermediate school lent the high school I was attending a rare book I couldn't otherwise get.

  2. LOL!

    Thanks for the advice. My school really is low on those books, but I'm not surprised. But I think that Magical Vulva book (or whatever it was called) is at our main library in town, so I might be able to find it. According to Amazon the cover is Very Vagina. Can't wait to post a pic!