Friday, January 16, 2009

Techniques for Mood-Smoothing

Here are some of the best web remedies I've found for a bad mood.

Games & Quizzes
  • Auditorium -- only a demo right now, but a long one. Absolutely beautiful and probably the best-wrought game I've ever played, including both versions of the Sims and all Zeldas (I know!).

  • Spaced Penguin -- sometimes I try to get suspended in orbit, for symbolic reasons.

  • The geography quiz at -- I've linked here to the Middle East quiz; you can return to the main page or select another quiz at the bottom. Yes, I'm a dork. This quiz always cheers me up.
Blogs & Other Reads
  • Penelope Trunk -- Penelope blogs about life and work in an incredibly honest way. A dose of humor and insight with each post.

  • Steve Pavlina -- Steve has some controversial beliefs, but his personal-development advice applies universally.

  • -- samples famous poets as well as accomplished poets you've never heard of. Search for your favorite poet or poem or browse by region or theme.

  • Project Gutenberg -- free ebooks!
(I'm going to be honest and say the only reason I wrote this post was to share the geography quiz.)

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