Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Think I Found an Answer!

A couple posts ago I wrote about how I felt worse while vegan and suspected that the Pepperoni Pizza Hypothesis (which I've now referenced 400 times) could be true for me -- certain foods irritate my gut, which then refers pain to my southern region. So I become non-vegan again, adding back eggs and occasional meat -- and voila, I feel better.

This fall, before and during veganism, I had increased bladder sensitivity, pinchy urethra pain, urgency, and all-over burning that occasionally spiked to near-record levels. Upon giving up nuts and seeds, spicy foods, onions, and tomatoes, my entire coochie calmed down. There is still some residual pain and, of course, pain during urination, but it was like slamming on the brakes on the highway: the change was plain and clear.

Plus, I have had nearly pain-free orgasms! Like two of them! I know, why does one keep attempting orgasms when they cause pain? For one, I remain a sexual being, somehow, and for two, it's a measuring stick, so to speak -- an unmistakable indicator of my coochie's contentment. (Please note that these orgasms have not come with penetration. Nothing is going in there for some time to come.)

So while I think I may have actually figured out the mechanism behind at least part of my pain, I'm still struggling with the exact shape of the new diet. When you're not on a strict elimination diet, cutting back to the bare minimum, it's hard to tell which foods are setting you off. I eat a lot of black pepper, and I think I've been better on the days when I've omitted it, but how can I be sure? I'm using this chart as my main guide, and as time goes on, I'm closer to convincing myself that an elimination diet may be the best way to go. I've accumulated this much self-discipline when it comes to food; what's several weeks of complete denial? Ha ha ha...

Yeah, a little overwhelmed -- I had a self-pity date with gluten-free chocolates I found on my parents' counter over the weekend. But I can do this, I know. I am the food master.


  1. WAHOO!!! Hurray for answers. Or, at least the beginning of them. The chart looks like a great resource and I applaud your discipline! If anyone can beat vulvodynia, it's you! :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! It's hard but I'm trying. Trying to believe, first of all :)