Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The cycle of health anxiety

My vajayjay is so sensitive to sugar. If I eat even a whole pint of ice cream---okay, if I eat even a bar of chocolate---okay, if I eat even a bite of cookie, she starts to itch. Maybe she’s in a yeasty place to begin with, but she never gets cottage-cheesy. Just twitchy-itchy.

It makes me think I have diabetes. What else would make my cooch so sensitive to sugar? Would a low-level yeast infection really start to dance after one bite of cookie?

But I have no other symptoms of diabetes, so then I think I’m dying. Is my immune system rotting? Do I have something hidden somewhere in my body that’s making me weak?

But I have no other symptoms of dying, so then I think that the itching is another manifestation of my vulvodynia. Maybe sugar makes my nerves dance. Maybe it activates my IBS or raises my blood sugar quickly enough to start a jig…

But then I think that is rubbish because if it were possible some study would have said so by now, so I think I have diabetes again.