Saturday, February 23, 2013

One Lovely Blog award

Bee, whose lovely blog is Living Off Script (and who also has another blog, where she writes fabulous fiction), has given me the One Lovely Blog award!  My duty now is to write 7-15 facts about myself and pass the award on to five other bloggers.

And none of these facts will have to do with vulvodynia!  But some may be repeats from the blog.  Like...

1. I am obsessed with the Terminator movies and will someday be buffer than Linda Hamilton.  I've been saying so for years but my chin-up ability goes up and down (from 1 to 3) as I don't have a lot of stuff to chin up on.

2. I have synesthesia, which is a duplicating of the senses.  So if I see something, I hear it and feel it; if I feel something, I hear it and see it; if I smell perfume, the entire room is pink, etc.  Yes, it is cool.  2 is yellow.

3. I just learned that there is an actual thing called Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome.  I used to be a grammar stickler, but in recent years I have stopped caring.  My un-pedantizing started when I learned that the Dutch pluralize some things with apostrophe-S (radio's) to preserve pronunciation.  So there is precedent for the logic, even if not in English.

4. I have been trying to write outside the v-blog more lately and it is giving my life a center.

5. I leave my wallet at home a lot, so I recently bought an iPhone case that holds my driver's license and debit card because let's face it, our phones might as well be implants.

6. I've been wanting to chop my hair but it hasn't been shorter than shoulder-length since I got a helmet cut as a four-year-old.  So please, tell me to chop my hair.  No don't!  No, please do!  No!!!!

7. After work the other day, I wanted to wash my face before I left, but there wasn't anything besides hand soap available.  So I made some green tea and washed my face with it, and my skin was sooooo soft afterwards.  Recommended.  Sometimes improvising works!

8. I can hear foghorns on the Cuyahoga River from my house.  It is a tantalizing experience.  (The Cuyahoga River, by the way, does not light on fire these days.)

9. Eight is a good number.  It is a dark-blue old man.  So I will stop at 8 with the facts.

Here are five lovely blogs:

Gluten-Free is Life by Kim - she writes about her & her son's lives with celiac disease (and she is my cousin!) (her son is (unbelievably) a teenager now).  Read her blog for all you need to know (and I mean ALL; she is an expert) about eating healthfully and gluten-free.

The Fons Four by Kelly - she writes about her life with her two (adorable) boys and her husband (and she is my cousin too!).  Read her blog for beautiful pictures and the story of a strong woman.

That Cynking Feeling by Cynthia - she writes about her life as a mother whose (adorable) son has autism.  Read her blog for some terrific writing.

Feminists with Female Sexual Dysfunction by K - she writes about her experience with pelvic pain and analyzes it deftly through the lens of feminism.  Read her blog for insight you won't get anywhere else.

Abide by Lydia - she writes about her time teaching at a small school in Miami's Little Haiti.  I doubt she reads my blog, but her blog is so worth the read!

See the side bar for other lovely vulvodynia & pelvic-pain blogs!  Most of those were updating pretty frequently when I started blogging, and all of them could've received this award.  If you have a blog or know of one that's not in the sidebar (and admittedly I have failed to add some blogs), please let me know!


  1. Hi, Esther! Congratulations on the award and it's so cool to learn more about you, especially since we just "met." :-)

    Synesthesia must be pretty awesome for a writer. Do you think it informs your writing?

    1. Thanks again! Yes, I think it informs my writing. Letters are colors and words are colors, but passages themselves can take on another layer of color, usually through their moods. I was writing something for this week's speakeasy that was a crappy color to me so I dumped it. I probably should've finished it just for the practice -- including the practice of making a story the color I want. But I don't think I'm there yet!

  2. Thanks so much for the plug and grats on the award!

    1. You're welcome Cynthia! Your blog is awesome, so I'm glad to share it.