Saturday, February 2, 2013

How Vecepia won Survivor

Our office had a snow day yesterday, so we worked from home.  I'm not set up to work standing at home yet, so I sat on the couch.  And pissed the duxk out of my hips!

I tempt pain this way.  I think it is stubbornness.  "I should be able to do this, so I will."  I should be able to sit on the couch, sit to work, eat more than a touch of sugar.  So I will.

It got bad enough yesterday that I was spinning as I was trying to fall asleep.  But it wasn't my cooch itself that was so bad -- it was a donut-hole-sized spot of pain northeast of my tailbone.  I also had an eclair-sized swath of pain along the front panty line of my inner right hip.  And my right hip had started freaking out when I moved.

I forgot all this hip stuff when I filled out the survey for Dr. Howard.  It must not've been acting up -- probably because I had been standing at work and reclining at home.  So I will write the hip details up for him since I have trouble remembering everything in the presence of doctors.

I think the hip problems might be nerve problems.  But in November, my mom had a hip transplant after years of limping and pain due to arthritis.  I am too young for that, right?  An x-ray a couple years ago showed no arthritis, so I bet I am.  Right?

So I had this thought and I'm going to share it without looking it up.  Season 4 of Survivor, Vecepia won.  And after she did, she reported that she had changed her screensaver, or something, to something like "I will win Survivor.  I will win $1,000,000."  I can't stop my optimism right now, and I'm thinking that the thought patterns like the ones I'm having are how Vecepia won Survivor.


  1. No, you need a MRI with arthrogam and a new set of xrays. The groin pain you're describing is classic for labral tears. Get thee to a hip doctor and say "my hip is killing me"! Demand a MRA or a 3T MRI if there's one in your area, do not stop for PT first, do not say "vulva" to the hip doc - you'll want to but just don't. Check out the Hip Chicks forum online, esp the "pelvic pain hipsters group".

  2. LOL, thanks for the feisty comment. I've read about labral tears and I agree that my pain could be from one. The only reason I haven't focused on it is that I had a regular MRI that showed no abnormality. But I guess the regular MRI might not have picked it up?

    I will mention the hip pain to the specialist. He knows all about pelvic pain and I'm guessing he's seen plenty of pain from labral tears. I will keep it in mind in case I make no progress with him.