Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 1000

Tomorrow is Day 1000 with vulvodynia. If I counted right. But I can't say that without also thinking of Day 1024, important if you like math or computer science or physics. So I'll have to figure out what day that will be, but not right now because I'm out the do'.

Last night I saw Star Trek. Really good, plus lots of vajayjays. And the giant drill? Totally my urethra.

All the flowers I planted this year close at night. I've always considered such flowers as the best vulvodynia symbol. Sigh.

I've been listening to Ace of Base constantly, and here's the song of the present, to all my flower girls. Please, Mr. Agony, release them for a while!

And ♥MJ♥ of course.

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