Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why the Terminators are the Best Movies Ever

This is topical.  T4 is out this weekend.  But I'd be watching the T's in rotation these days anyway.

Because the Terminators are the best movies ever, and they are the best movies ever because they depict a world that has more despair than mine.

YES I'm being melodramatic.  It's MY BLOG.

I'm not even talking coochie here.  I'm talking wow the world is a horribly bleak place and I'm not sure what I'm living for.  If you've never been depressed I can't convince you of how real that emotion is, the absolute devastation and futility.  So just take my word for it.

Anyway, the Terminators are the translation of that emotion to film.  Watching them is exactly like being crushingly depressed with robots around.

Plus, in the Terminators, there's a POINT to all the depression.  Skynet is going to BLOW THE WORLD UP.  People are going to DIE IN HUGE NUMBERS.  If Sarah can't protect her son, THE HUMAN RACE WILL END.  The odds against the machines are NOT FAVORABLE.

In my depressions, there's not even a cause, let alone an awesome one.  Oh, boo hoo, feeling sobby wobby today...GOOD THING YOU'RE NOT THE MOTHER OF THE FUTURE.

So, to sum up: me = humans, depression = Skynet, and that's why I love the Terminators.  Also, I will be buffer than Linda Hamilton.


  1. I like zombie movies...

    I mean T1 & T2 are good of course. They're great. Especially when you factor in what they did at the time they came out.
    But T3... EEHHHHHhhhhhhhh...
    Okay then... that was... anticlimactic.

    Do you like zombie movies? They usually have a post-apocalypse theme going on too. VERY bleak since almost every person is infected/dead/dying ... and then reanimated.
    And it's like the sheer numbers... there just isn't enough ammo in the world. Or there is but you can't even get to it.

    But sometimes they have hope... sometimes there's hope for a zombie cure.

    I just like the philosophy. I like the idea behind the zombies. For me it's not just about the gore & "BOO!" scary parts (although that's fun too.)

    The newer movies are really interesting because they explore themes like memories (can a zombie keep old ones/make new ones?) and what really makes someone human (humans WILL torture a zombie if they get ahold of one.) & Self-sacrifice, often cuz like sometimes one soldier or another will stay behind to defend his or her friends even though it means certain death.

    In conclusion, I just think they're neat.

  2. LOL. I enjoy zombie movies but I've never really gotten into them. I think my "thing" is sci-fi and zombies are just too far over into fantasy/horror.

    But it sounds like we have the same kind of fascination going on. I LOVE exploring those issues through non-traditional means...somehow certain ideas feel better in focus to me, more accessible, when they're not based around regular human interactions. I don't know, maybe I just love my robots...

    I have to say, I love T3 just as much as its siblings. T can do no wrong -- that's how devoted I am :)

  3. My big sci-fi thing right now is Battlestar Galactica. *loves*

  4. I've always wanted to get into BSG but never succeeded at it. I'm going to have to Netflix it or something.