Thursday, April 9, 2009

Car Blog

I'm turning this into a car blog.

My car window got smashed in today because my broken, piece-of-shit stereo looked oh so tempting.

My prescription Ray-Bans did not, thank goodness.  I'm pretty sure they're worth more.

In isolation, it's a moderate inconvenience.  After three new bumpers and in the midst of cooch, it's a lot.

So I called my insurance company, went to the police department, and then came home and tried to figure out how to cover the window.

Then I upended everything in my apartment.  Junk drawers?  Floor.  Junk boxes?  Floor.  Dresser drawers?  Floor.  Bookshelves?  Floor.

While reheating last night's pizza in the oven.

Is this gripping journalism yet?

There are lots of ways to upend things.  This was pretty calm.  Nothing really happened except that everything I own is now on my floor.

I have been in a funk for so long, but it's not a chemical, bipolar funk.  It's a fucking-a-I-need-time-to-myself-to-be-happy-and-renew-my-spirit funk.

So this is...additional.

So everything's on my floor.

I always dug symbolism.

P.S. The neighbors I cursed for having loud sex totally came through for me tonight and supplied all of the supplies and did all of the work wrapping up my window.  Heart = big.


  1. I'm glad your neighbors have redeeming qualities. Maybe they can help get everything back into your drawers to???

    I'm glad your ray-bans were okay.