Friday, May 15, 2015

Post-block-again-update-pain title

Okay, so, my period is over, the yeast are back to their normal subsensory squirmy existence...


And my pain is back to a lower-than-usual level.  I don't have the burning I had on the face of my vulva when I was trying to kill the yeast using methods meant only for normal vulvas.  Vulvodynia does not like Monistat, nor does it like even the tiniest drop of tea tree oil, which is not normally a bad method for fighting yeast according to the ultimate guide to yeast infections.

I think my skin's overreaction to topical treatments (even lidocaine; I need the compounded version) means there is some idiopathic vulvodynia going on, something that is inexplicable.  Maybe it's driven by neuralgia, but I think it's just stupid undefined stupidity that a lot of women have that is undefined and stupid.

My pain still doesn't like most foods, and it's not thrilled with sitting, and it doesn't like moving around, and peeing is still painful.  But it's better by a degree or two.  Wait.  Wait here.

I went to the bathroom and punched my stomach a lot.  The site where the doc gave me the shot is really really sensitive.  Two weeks later?  And the general area on each side of my bladder/uterus/whatever, the pantyline but spread inward, is really sore, as usual.  Those are the genitofemoral trigger points.  But poking everything didn't radiate pain to my vulva, which is good.

I feel it's important to remember that my pain STARTED as pain just below my bladder/above my clit/however you want to put it, and it included increased pain with peeing that would RING and RING and RING for a half-hour or so after peeing and then die down.  And moving was problematic.  In other words, maybe getting rid of the pain means moving back through the stages of pain I've had.  Peeling off the layers down to the start of it.  Because it has certainly gathered more and more pain-fluff around itself over time.

I can't give up peeing, and I can't stop moving (well, if I want to get paid), but I can stop sitting so much and I can keep eating carefully.  GOD EATING CAREFULLY IS SUCH A BITCH!!!!!!!!!   I can't eat fruit anything (bananas are okay) or tomato anything or spicy anything or sugar anything or coffee or tea or chocolate or anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Gluten-free is NOTHING COMPARED TO THIS SHIT.  I wrote my doctor a note on MyChart telling him DUDE YOU NEED TO LSITEN TO ME WHEN I SAY FOOD IS BAD (minus caps, typo, "dude," and anger).  I don't know if there's anything he can do to help except tell me not to eat things that hurt... THIS DIET IS RIDICULOSU.  I really don't think I have interstitial cystitis but my pain is so sensitive to food that I feel like there must be a connection.  A lot of people with pelvic pain report that their pain is sensitive to food.  WHY WHY WHY WHY I'm not editing this blog post.  It sucks but this is the only place I write down crotch shit and I've gathered that seeing someone else freak out about her crotch helps other people with crotch problems.  THIS IS ME FREAKING OUT!

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  1. I know you've looked into leaky gut before (I looked at your old supplements post) but leaky gut can cause food sensitivities that can result in vulval pain and painful urination/bladder probs. this can also spread inflammation into your whole pelvis,muscles and nerves. Have you looked at the gaps diet which rebuilds the gut lining and can result in lower vulval inflamatory processes? There's some case studies online of it working for IC if you google. There's also an alternative med lady in LA called matia brizman who works with vulvodynia and ic patients ridding them of bacterial/yeast overgrowth and healing the gut lining. She uses less probiotics which is good of you're sensitive to them. A lot of the patients she sees can't sit at the beginning. I know western meds.and painkillers numb it for a while but they don't heal the food element And the inflammation comes back Everytime. I hope you find an answer. Both of these techniques work for people here's a gaps one. Matia 's website is