Thursday, August 2, 2012

You think you can get away with it

Green tea is a big no-no for interstitial cystitis.

I don't care about diets anymore. After years of chasing the perfect diet, it became too frustrating emotionally. So I eat things that are on the no-no lists.


You CAN'T get away with it!


I'm hoping experiences like this will guide my future doctor-slash-savior whom I will find one day, oh yes I will, and get some help that helps.

*I originally wrote that green tea is also a no-no for the low-oxalate diet.  In fact, it's a yes-yes.  A yes-yes-yes, like safe.  Black tea is a no-no.

I don't know about WHITE tea.  All these COLORED TEAS.  Now I found another website that says all colored teas are moderate oxalate (PDF).  This is why I gave up on the low-oxalate diet.

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