Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here is Scarlett fretting over her 20-inch waist

So of course I got out my own tape measure. My waist is normal for me (add several inches to 20) but my butt is down 1.5" from my normal. Not my butt! Precious, precious butt!!!

Well that frustrates me...but I'll think about it tomorrow. And from now on, to anyone who comments on my weight, I'm half Kenyan Marathoner.

P.S. I put those two weight-related posts back up, the ones I mentioned I had taken down. They may be crabby but a number of you have written that you have the exact same issue, so I figure I might as well leave then up for camaraderie.

P.P.S. Oh Scarlett, will you stop obsessing about Ashley already! You don't love him! You only want him because you can't get him and your whole goddamn life revolves around being able to manipulate people and when you find that you can't manipulate someone you obsess over him. That's why you're going back to Tara -- to find a way to win Rhett back even though you'll be like a well- fed cat with a lame mouse when you do, swatting at him half-heartedly, bored. I hate you because I'm afraid I'm like you, out of touch with happiness.

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