Friday, November 18, 2011

No sugar! No sugar! No sugar!

I was awakened at 3 a.m. this morning by a screeching coochie.  My period is approaching and I've eaten more than a wise amount of sugar the past few days -- the combination of which is always horrible burning pain.

Pre-period without sugar?  Smooth sailing.  With sugar?  Torture.

So, no more sugar.  My period should be here in three days -- and if I stop eating so much sugar, my expectation is that my pain will go DOWN despite the usual premenstrual madness that vulvodynia brings.

You'd think that enough times through this experiment I'd be convinced that I need to avoid sugar, but no -- is it optimism?  Stubbornness?  Am I just hard-headed, or am I a brave champion of "no, vulvodynia will not dictate what I do in life"?

Mostly, I'm an idiot.

No more sugar, especially after ovulation!!!

Note: the sugar I'm talking about is what I'll term "unnatural sugar."  Meaning sugary pre-processed things, including those sweetened with "cane syrup" and other synonyms for added sugar.  Sugar from fruit doesn't bother me, or I don't think it does.  That will be my next sugar experiment, starting December 10, just in time for avoiding Christmassy sugar...

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