Friday, July 31, 2009


My friend Greg linked me to this....


I don't know, something about that comic weirds me out. I'm not a D&D gal though.

It's probably actually that the doctor is a guy. I get the feeling lots of guys think of what they do as "vaginomancy."

Whatever. Last night my friend and I were hanging out with some homeless guys (long story?) and you know, none of us chose our starting points. And I just felt like good god I can tell from this guy's eyeballs that his liver isn't functioning well and he just got out of the VA after a heart attack and he had some major personal traumas happen to him, served abroad for 8 years, sells roses to go get some french fries from the bar, gets shepherded away from us mid-sentence after a half-hour of conversation by some employee. We'd been talking to him off and on all night, bought the same rose five or six times over, gotten philosophical with him, and it was just stupid. And as you might've sensed from recent posts I'm less and less comfortable asking for things for myself when others are living in literal shit buckets. So who cares if my crotch won't give up and I'm not able to have sex and I'm standing on hot coals. It's just pain and I can't ask for more than I have.

"Who could have wished for more?" -- Stephen Hawking

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  1. I feel you. Having lived in San Francisco and Seattle, I have seen some seriously fucked up and sad things/people/situations. Then I think about my apartment, my job, and really... all the stuff I have going for me. So I can't sit down? Life could be much, much worse. Still, we deserve some relief eventually.