Thursday, July 23, 2009


Monday: yearly with the gynie. Going to ask her for a full pelvic exam instead of just a scrape. Also going to ask if she will order a hormone test. Because NO ONE HAS EVER DONE ONE. Also going to ask for pain meds.

Tuesday: biopsy with dermatologist. Ouch? No idea what the after effects will be. Interested in meeting this supposed super-sleuth. Hoping she looks like Bones.

Wednesday: MRI of the pelvis. Urologist doesn't expect abnormalities. Excited to get to listen to the MRI machine again. Rrrrrrrr, rrrrrrrr....

Man that looks like a fat wad of dough.

And will I be closer to knowing?

Vulvodynia says: PROBABLY NOT.

Also, before getting transferred to schedule the MRI, the urology nurse told me my diagnosis: 625.9.

What is 625.9?
Unspecified symptom associated with female genital organs

Seriously? That is so insulting. Maybe that's why he couldn't help me out -- because he couldn't understand what, specifically, was wrong with me.

I know it's just a medical code and it's so the MRI people guide their moonbeams the right way. And actually it made me laugh, not feel insulted. I just say insulted here because that way my blog is more galvanizing.


  1. I think that's right though; on one of the receipts from my specialist, diagnosis code # 625.9 next to it the box says "Vulvodynia." It says "Vulvodynia" on mine. It still says non-specific on yours?

    It still says "Unspecified" online too so I guess that's the official language, but at this facility I went to, they use it for vulvodynia and spell it out on the receipt. It is a vulvodynia specialist's visit receipt. It's probably the fault of the medical community & insurance rather than the doctor's fault.

    I think my diagnosis code was... oh I've had a couple of them on the sheets. 625.0 (Dyspareunia), 616.10 is Vulvar vestibulitis, ... doesn't look like these old receipts have 625.1 on it - that's vaginismus, that *could* be on there. And then the physical therapy codes for pelvic floor dysfunction are something else. I just don't feel like looking up the physical therapy diagnosis code right now.

    It IS stupid though because there's no charge code for a vulvar vestibulectomy either so we had to submit a claim for "General female surgery." Like wtf that could mean anything! I think it's too rare to have its own charge code.

  2. I bet that's it! The nurse didn't know what it stood for so I looked it up online.

    Why is vulvodynia so far from vulvar vestibulitis? I know they're not the same but in my mind I have both -- vestibul-itis and generalized vulvodynia. And really, can two disorders get any closer?

    LOL, "general female surgery." Is that the one with the little pink bows?!?!

  3. My old gynecologist wrote "vulvodynia" in my chart and then failed to tell me the diagnosis for another four months. Waaay back in the day. Great, thanks.

    Also... I <3 Bones. :)

  4. Why do doctors do that?!?!? That's happened to me so many times I feel like they think we're too stupid to understand diagnoses...even the car people tell you what's wrong with your car despite all the weird nozzles with vague names. Come on!

  5. Oh, and I <3 Bones too. On Hulu mostly.

  6. Lol... I love the car comparison. And it's so true! Even vagina doctors don't want to talk about vaginas.