Sunday, December 30, 2012

Comments are open

You can now comment anonymously on my blog.

I've heard from a couple people that they didn't leave comments here on the blog because there's no anonymous option.

I took the anonymous option away a while ago because someone left a couple of nasty notes on my posts.  Turns out that the nasty note-leaver was a college classmate.  I used the time he commented to deduce which link he had followed to get here and which visitor he had been, which gave me his IP address and his location.  Thanks, StatCounter.

(Don't worry: I am not otherwise stalking my readers.  I've hardly visited StatCounter since Blogger began tracking stats, which it only does in big picture, but that's okay because all I really care about is if I got 40 or 60 hits today.  Or 65?!)

The nasty commenter had visited my blog via a link to it on a social network open only to people associated with my college -- students, alums, professors, and staff.  That is a small pool of people, and his city was a suburb, so with a little searching, I figured out who he was.

He is kind of an asshole, so after I identified him and figured out that the posts weren't random, I felt a little less like the universe is a mean place to be.  But I decided to require a login for comments anyway -- I felt that the subject of pelvic pain is too serious for someone to be able to shoot by and crap on it.

Now I've decided to open comments again.  I've set it up so I have to review comments before they are posted, which will at least keep the nasty comments from becoming graffiti.

Most importantly, I don't want to keep you from commenting just because you don't want to use your identity or don't have the right account.  Several times, I've wanted to comment elsewhere and decided not to because it required me to use my name -- and more and more, link to my Facebook account!  Are you serious??

So you can now comment without logging in.  Happy commenting :) and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I have been reading your posts for a year now and I want you to know how important it is for me to read about someone who has similar, if not exact issues with being a female. You make my heart laugh and cry. No one knows what our pain one can imagine...especially the asshole dr/uriologist/gyne or combination of stupid titles that have no clue what a burning bladder can do to EVERYTHING in life. Depression? Yes. Divorce? Yes. Hopelessness? Yes. The pain consumes and steals our soul while we try and pretend we are "ok." I have given up pretending. Those who love me know I lay in bed and burn for hours or weeks...and it is ok...though I know it is not normal and it is not a quality life.
    After 10 year of self diagnosis, taking antibiotics for a non existant uti and Monistat for a non existant yeast infection and ER visits, I finally caved and asked for answers...Pittsburgh had none and niether did the Cleveland Clinic. I have had 3 surgeries for endo, cystocopy (hurt beyond hurt for days with no point for "your bladder looks fine") allergy medication, pyridium, cipro, birth control, lupon shots, amitripoline, cymbalta, hypnosis, reki, acupuncture...just to name a few. NOTHING helps. You know this.
    I am burning as I write this. All I want is to sleep, for then I feel no pain. We are stuck in a nightmare.
    Tears, doctors and medications don't help, but in some way,your blog helps.
    Thank you for your candor.
    Please email

  2. I already emailed you, but I want to write here that I am so happy to hear from you!!