Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No touchy the coochie! A vulvodynia-friendly wardrobe

For a long time, I was on the mostly skirts choo-choo train along with many other women with vulvodynia.  Skirts & underwearlessness are very popular in our little club.  But at some point in recent months, I reverted to a pants-based wardrobe.  My pain is there no matter what I wear, and pants are easy.

But winter is approaching, and for some reason, winter is skirt season for me.  I think it's the snow boots thing.  Loooove snow boots, and wearing them with pants is complicated.

(me in now-deceased snowboots -- i still mourn...)

I know I am in the minority on the skirts thing.  They aren't #1 in most people's closets, and when they're a bodily demand they can get even more annoying.

So I thought I'd share some non-skirty cooch-tender things to shake up our wardrobes...

This is the photo on Kandee Johnson's fashion & makeup blog that got me thinking about non-skirt things.  Her post: Skirts for Girls Who Hate Skirts.  Sound familiar?

I love the pink pants on the right.  If you do too, search for "genie pants."  I figured this out after much googling.

Or, search for "diaper pants," "harem pants," or "Aladdin pants," I learned from 1930byChrisJackson.  These particular pants?  Are amazing.

So super cute.  Alas!  These are no longer available.  But the site has plenty of other styles left.

This is the pattern the boys were wearing in middle school.  On similarly cut pants, come to think of it. (These were on eBay and are gone.  Sorry boys traveling forward from 1992.)

Or, like Kandee is wearing in the first pic way above, there's the high-low hemline skirt.  These are a little less skirty than your average skirt.  They flash me back to the 90s too.

Is this a Vulvodynia Trio?  Their style is definitely cooch-friendly.  (It says "baggy loose urban pants" here, but the link says "baggy crotch pants" ---- hehe...)

Perhaps the most practical solution: boyfriend pants.  Lora posted about these on her blog Servicing the Chassis years ago.  I never bought any, but I see they're still available at The Gap.

Notice that I did all this without referencing MC Hammer!!!  Who also provides a solution.

Here is a solution for the skirt lovers: Faux. Leather. Green. Skirt.


  1. Ah! I so want genie pants! I'm so tired of leggings and tunics. Those look totally fun. If only fashion was more supportive of vulva friendly attire...


  2. I agree to this so much! I have to wear long johns since it's cold up here but I miss going commando and getting the nice summer breeze lol!

    When temperatures hit -30 and you're having a flare, just not fun at all.

    Gauchos are really comfy and soft but useless for winter wear.

  3. the whole time I was reading this I was thinking "comment about the boyfriend pants" and there it was! When I was in high school, I almost exclusively wore men's pants, and they feel pretty good. But it's nice to wear women's pants now and then. Especially now that I'm closer to 40 than 30 and should start changing up my wardrobe style from what it was when I was closer to 20 than 10!

    Love to you, I hope you are feeling well!

  4. Bailey -- you definitely have to be bold to wear bright-pink genie pants...but then when you do, people will tell you how great they are and how they could never wear them! Haha! Well, sometimes it works.

    Chava -- agreed! We don't have such cold temps, but I always want a little warm-air bubble to walk around in.

  5. Lora! Your post needed approval somehow. Love back to you!! It's so good to hear from you! I hope all has been well!!

  6. Just wondering were I can find those pants by 1039 by chrisjackson leather look ones. Ive been searching them but cant find them. Please help!!!

    1. Haha! I wish I knew! They are my favorites here...

    2. I just changed the link -- looks like the original website no longer exists. I found the pants here, but it doesn't look like they're for sale!!