Thursday, December 1, 2011

This is what's causing my vulvodynia. I'm serious.

Read this.  Published September of this year.  Researchers created vulvodynia in mice by repeatedly giving them yeast infections and curing them.

This is what's causing my vulvodynia.  This has been my instinct all along.  I had two bladder infections in the six months prior to vulvodynia and countless others before that.  I never had recurrent yeast infections, but I think the principle holds: recurrent infection leads to inflammation which leads to chronic pain.

My cooch is still stinging, literally, from infections long gone.  This is probably why eating well helps, and why treatments involving the immune system are successful at reducing or eradicating pelvic pain.


P.S. I'm keeping up the two lame posts before this one for context.  It all started when I read this post about how prolotherapy (a treatment involving the immune system) is making a fellow v-girl's pain go away.  First I flipped out about having to add yet another treatment to my list.  Then I got mad at chocolate.  Then I posted in a vulvodynia Facebook group and ranted in an email to a vulvodynia penpal.  Then I decided to try the probiotic yeast reader Hannah says helped her.  Then I googled "saccharomyces vulvodynia."  Bing. O.


  1. You know what? That could be mine as well. I had CHRONIC yeast infections for YEARS. And it makes sense.

    But how did the scientists know that the mice had sore vaginas? :P

  2. Hahaha! I was wondering that too. Maybe they squeaked extra furiously?

    Gah, I can't imagine chronic yeast infections. Okay, I CAN, and that's why I can't (won't) imagine it -- just the thought makes me nuts!!!

  3. I have vulvodynia and I have never had a yeast infection though. But I have had UTIs. I wonder if it is just the pain connection.

  4. I had a yeast infection for a year... before that it was bacterial vaginosis... i tried some monistat and it burned fire... but who knows. Ive seen the best results with Capsaisi(first) then almost two years of PT ( my muscles were like a vice) I am improved... but still have a ways to go... as my body became decoditioned... and that is impacting my SI joint...which impacts the muscles - I try to eat clean... but had to add back rice pasta.. my weight is just too low.