Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Elmiron is working and I've become a crybaby

I'm back on Elmiron, the only med approved by the FDA to treat interstitial cystitis.  I'm one of the lucky people who sees an effect on my pain from Elmiron very early.  Within two weeks, my pain is lower.  Sometimes it takes people months to see a difference.

My pain often gets very low on Elmiron.  When I eat something bad, my pain shoots up, so I have greater incentive to eat well -- instead of feeling bad all the time, I now feel bad only after eating something that triggers my pain.

Which has made me into a crybaby.  When my pain goes up to what was before an ever-constant level 5 or more, I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH PAIN I'M IN!  How can anyone live this way????  This is ridiculous!!!  How am I supposed to move?  I need to stop.  This is an emergency.  I have to lie down.  I need ice.  I need painkillers.  Etc.

Which in turn gives me respect for the living I've done with this pain for more than ten years.  I got used to the pain being bad to the point where I didn't realize how bad it was.  It was bad!!!!  Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all.

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  1. Hey...

    How would you describe the vulvodynia pain? Can I talk to you?