Wednesday, November 21, 2012, pants for the va-jay-jay!

I just saw this link on Facebook to, which sells pants designed for those with vulvodynia or chronic yeast problems.  Oh yay!  Oh yay!

Boot cut or skinny!

Okay, here, I don't know what the etiquette is exactly, but I'm putting their image of the crotch here, and I think it's okay because maybe they'll get a sale:

Yay!  This makes way more sense in general.  Wearing jeans with or without vulvodynia is like walking around with a knuckle shoved in your cooch.  Am I right?

If you want an invite to either of the vulvodynia Facebook groups, email me at madpeachblog at gmail and I'll invite you.  And maybe we can be fwends!

One of the Facebook groups is "Closed," meaning those not in it can see its members but not their posts; that one you can search for and join yourself ("Vulvodynia Support").  The other group is "Secret," totally hidden from everyone but its members; that one you need an invite to join.

Thanks to my Canadian friend who invited me!! :)


  1. Have you bought yourself a pair? I find that I just rotate regular jeans with stretchy pants and I'm good. Do you like the secret group?

  2. I am so buying a pair! I've had vulvodynia since end 2005 and had to give away all my jeans! THANK YOU!

  3. Bailey, I haven't bought a pair yet! I do okay mixing pants & skirts, but these look so comfortable. I like the secret group! It's a lot to keep up with but when I read about others' experiences I feel so much less alone.

    Stacie, that sucks! I hope these work for you!!!