Monday, January 30, 2012

Anyone tried a kneeling chair?

I'm getting really frustrated that I can't sit at my desk at home without my pelvic pain starting to flare -- even for a few minutes.  I end up kneeling on the chair, and within a half-hour or so I give up on whatever I'm trying to do.

I have a cushion but I haven't found it really comfortable -- this one from IC Network.  Maybe other cushions have worked for you guys?

Lately I've been fantasizing about getting a kneeling chair.  I've read reviews online that say kneeling chairs have really worked for back pain, but back pain can be an issue of bad posture whereas pelvic pain is exacerbated by touch.

My pelvic pain is also exacerbated by the amount of pressure on my butt/tailbone.  I had a rocking chair that had a good slant towards the back, and literally within a minute of sitting in it my pain would start building.  Rocking chair is now gone.

I'm wondering if the kneeling angle will take enough pressure off my butt to keep my pain from flaring too much while I sit.  And maybe if I try one out in person I'll know within a few minutes whether it's worth a longer try.  But has anyone tried a kneeling chair?  Did it help?  Any specific recommendations?  Thanks!


  1. Yeah my Grandma had a kneeling chair. Hers was stationary, with no wheels on it. Honestly I dont't think you're going to need the wheels... it was easy enough to push around on her threadbare carpet. Easy to push around to the point where it was easy to tip over. You don't need wheels.

    It was also Ass.

    I hated it. But then I didn't understand why she had it in the first place - I think she like ordered it through Reader's Digest or some shit like that. Looking back at some of the gear & materials I found after she died, I'm kind of wondering now if there's something genetic going on with me? Idk probably not but it's interesting to see some coincidences...

    Anyway the chair was Ass but that might be because I didn't know how to use it when I was little. My parents seemed to understand it better. I definitely didn't sit on it properly when I was a little kid and I remember even when I did use it proper, it was still a lot less comfortable than sitting in a regular chair.

    But on the other hand, the cushions were.... brown.. textured fabric... filled with ... not very sturdy foam... smelly... Wooden accents, not made of metal.

    Like, for me, I'm still better off using a donut cushion. But if it's come to the point where you think you need the kneeling chair then - you probably need the kneeling chair. Just be ready for it to take awhile to get used to and don't expect it to act like a normal chair.

  2. Hiya.

    I have that cushion you linked as well and it only helps me for driving. For sitting at the computer or out at a restaurant I would highly recommend this lil pearl. -->

    Whoa. Holy link!

    I was thinking about getting a kneeling chair, but this seems to have solved my problem. So long as my feet are on the floor this cushion works well for me where the other one doesn't for anything except driving.


  3. Thanks, guys! I may be able to get my hands on a free kneeling chair, which will be much better than buying something that I'm skeptical about. Hopefully it will be better than your grandmother's, K! LOL.

    jenji, thanks for the reference! And it's reasonably priced, too. And if it doesn't work, I can start a mod butt-cushion arrangement on my coffee table.

  4. I have a kneeling chair at my office. It is definitely a lot better than a regular chair, but I haven't found it to be a life-saver. I have a standing desk, and I usually take 10-15 minute sitting breaks on the kneeling chair. It still puts pressure on uncomfortable areas, just...less pressure. I want to design a kneeling chair with a hole in it. That would be perfect! If you know any handy carpenter types, they could probably modify it to work wonderfully. I am considering it. ;) But for now I stand all day...*sigh*

    I found a cheaper one online for $90. Not terrible.

  5. Yeah i have tried Kneeling Chairs its really good and effective if one is having back pain.I really like this its worth buying go for it

  6. Heya,
    I have a kneeling chair at work and after time off sick due to lower back pain, which went into my pelvis and lower abdomen is the only reason I could go back to work. I also have a coccyx injury from ice skating a few years ago, as I was a figure skater I continuously fell on it during training for new jumps and spins. The normal kneeling chair have actually agravated the coccyx injury and as someone said previously a part cut out would be great. I'm requesting a new chair at work, which has this space for the coccyx, it's the putman coccyx kneeling chair
    Hope this helps :)

  7. That is a good idea, the coccyx area. I have been standing at work but I still end up sitting for some of the day. Standing works but when it's cold or I've just eaten or I have my period, I want to sit!

    I ice skated too! And took my share of falls too. I've wondered if one of them was a doozy back there. It probably takes the worst beating when you're jumping and spinning and falling :)

  8. Jennifer: Do you end up ordering a coccyx knee chair? If so, what feedback can you offer. I have coccyxdenia and have been standing at work for more than a year now which is causing strain on my lower back and legs.

  9. Also consider a saddle chair with a split seat:

  10. I was introduced to one in '83. Now I wouldn't have anything else. Now I'm talking the wood one without the wheels. Tried that one, too, but I seem to have better results with the wood one.