Friday, November 19, 2010

Vulvodynia: Intercourse Impossible

Last post, I wrote about a news story a local Cleveland station was advertising -- "Off Limits! Married Couples That Can't Have Sex." I was out of town when the story aired live, and the video on 19 Action News' website wasn't working for me at first, but tonight I got it to work! Check the story out here.

The report, or at least its packaging, is par for the course for 19 Action News, The Only News Team With A Chopper. One of my favorite lines from the story: "She was diagnosed with a condition called 'vulvodynia' -- Intercourse Impossible."

Even with the hype, I think the report is valuable. A LOCAL STATION IN CLEVELAND RAN A NEWS STORY ABOUT VULVODYNIA. That's worth about a thousand points. But also, the report features a couple who speak openly about the woman's vulvodynia and the surgery she had to address it. It also features a doctor IN THE AREA who is NOT the vulvodynia specialist I saw who JUST treats female sexual pain. Appointment time...

I will continue to make fun of 19 Action News, The Only News Team With A Chopper, because they are silly. I also know they only ran the story because it involved SEX in a way that they could package as SCANDAL. However, I appreciate how something so stupid as a hint of scandal can cause a News Team With A Chopper to accidentally raise awareness about a serious and virtually silent condition. Sometimes our gossip obsession pays off.

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