Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Duh, Again and Again

Last week's flare didn't subside like my really, really bad flares usually do. It stuck with me Through. My. Entire. Trip.

Something else stuck: my intestines. I wasn't very careful at all about what I ate, and I was paying for it in a compound way. I kept packing it in. I was in so much intestinal pain the day we left that I could hardly bend over.

But this isn' This is A Day in the Life, and I'm not trying to garner sympathy or AWE. My point is to demonstrate, yet again, my constant skepticism about how much influence my diet has over my day-to-day bodily well-being.

I can see it in my skin. Not only in breakouts, but in my skin's overall texture. Weird non-dry dryness, itchy patches, etc., etc.

I see it in my mood. My tiny Lamictal dose had held me steady for over a month (and those crazy leg pains went away, thank goodness). But shove a bunch of crapola into my system and suddenly I don't know what the world is about.

I see it, of course, in my vulvodynia, and in my energy. But even with all these clues across multiple systems, I still think I can get away with not being careful. "Oh, that sauce CAN'T have gluten in it, and even if it does, it won't bother me!"

So I'm cleaning house, aka gut. Not going overboard -- too much all at once and I'll never keep up. It helps that I'm approaching a budget crunch. I eat a lot better when I don't have so much money to throw around (SO MUCH!!!!!), even just as far as what I buy at the grocery store.

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