Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The cycle of health anxiety

My vajayjay is so sensitive to sugar. If I eat even a whole pint of ice cream---okay, if I eat even a bar of chocolate---okay, if I eat even a bite of cookie, she starts to itch. Maybe she’s in a yeasty place to begin with, but she never gets cottage-cheesy. Just twitchy-itchy.

It makes me think I have diabetes. What else would make my cooch so sensitive to sugar? Would a low-level yeast infection really start to dance after one bite of cookie?

But I have no other symptoms of diabetes, so then I think I’m dying. Is my immune system rotting? Do I have something hidden somewhere in my body that’s making me weak?

But I have no other symptoms of dying, so then I think that the itching is another manifestation of my vulvodynia. Maybe sugar makes my nerves dance. Maybe it activates my IBS or raises my blood sugar quickly enough to start a jig…

But then I think that is rubbish because if it were possible some study would have said so by now, so I think I have diabetes again.


  1. Yeast can be a real pain, check out my blogs "on the right track" and "almost there" My wife didn't know she had a yeast infection and it was the sugar and products with yeast in them that were kicking her butt.

  2. Hiya,

    I was told for a decade that I had IBS when in fact, I come to find only recently, blood work shows that I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease. BIG difference. For a decade I told doctors that I didn't agree with their assessment and then I finally saw an infectious disease specialist and he ran extensive blood work. My main symptoms used to be colitis like attacks, but then for the past 6-7 years it's been chronic constipation. My blood work shows that I have elevated markers or antibodies for Anti-saccharomyces cerevisiae, which simply stated means yeast in the blood. Brewer's yeast. These antibodies are seen with Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis and sometimes Celiac Disease. I am in the process of determining which I may be dealing with, however I get what you're saying about feeling like there's a yeast infection sans yeast. For years I've complained that I can smell yeast as well, so much so I would ask close friends to smell me in general because I was sure that since I could smell it so fiercely in my nose, in my hair, that I must be sweating it as well. Apparently others couldn't sense it at all, but I can tell you that when I eat refined sugar it tends to flare up and I start to smell that again. You could be working with a systemic candidiasis as well.

    A gluten free diet has helped with the smell of yeast, as well as the itchiness down below, however it has amped up the chronic constipation. Most GF foods have very little fiber.

    I'm still in the process of sorting out this clusterf*ck. And trying to find a doctor who will work well with other specialists so as to better ascertain what the big picture is, well that's like pulling teeth. They need to talk to one another. It's utterly ridiculous, senseless and frankly, abusive to have to navigate about the particulars of medicinal politics.

    Just some thoughts for you.


  3. jenji, thank you for the info! You sound so much like me. For years I had incredible symptoms on the diarrhea side of IBS, and then in recent years I have had chronic constipation. I can get around the constipation by eating heavily on the plant side of things -- and getting off Effexor, which often plugged me up for over a week! When I went vegan, I was pooping like a genius, but it didn't help my vulvar pain as much as a simpler diet does. Trade-offs.

    I also want to say that I ALWAYS read your comments and I feel so bad about not responding. I've also been meaning to catch up with your blog. You will probably be hearing from me over there soon.

    Husband, thanks for your comment! As with jenji, I will head over to your blog soon -- and make sure you are both in my sidebar here on my blog.

    Thanks to both of you!

  4. No worries!

    I think we do have quite a bit in common: mood and body alike. I haven't been posting much on my blog these days. Haven't the energy sometimes, but I appreciate any visits.

    Two questions:

    1. "Pooping like a genius" Does this in fact--that is, pooping well-have a qualitative effect on your IQ? :)

    2. "Plugged up for a week" So, being plugged up for a week ISN'T normal? Note to self. For realz!


  5. jenji,

    1. Well, in relieving your attention from your gut, maybe! It at least helps your mood, as my cat demonstrates when she runs around after a visit to the litter box.

    2. Hahaha! You know, this winter, I was plugged up for TWO weeks, soon after which my friend complained about not having pooped for two DAYS. I told her my tale of woe, but either she didn't believe me or she was stunned silent by my "capacity."

    Question for you: when you eat sugar, do parts of your non-cooch body itch? My legs drive me nuts, and it seems to be related to eating sugar.

    I used to get a very subtle pinprick rash my legs, which an allergist told me could be that rash that people get when they have a problem with gluten. I haven't seen it in a while -- maybe the gluten-free diet? -- but I can still get so itchy! Thankfully it doesn't last long.

    I would think it's dry skin or a reaction to shaving except that it happens where I don't shave too and my skin doesn't appear to be dry...

    Okay sorry for the ramble in asking a simple question :)

  6. Hiya,

    Well, first... My cat does a victory dance after using the litter pan as well! He takes off out of there like a rock star and prances around the house like "look what I did!" Frankly, I've had the 2 week plug-up as well and so I think he's just showing off. By the way, for over a decade I've had this left-sided flank pain (vicodin worthy, although I no longer take it, instead I just ignore it) and it's still a mystery, however I have my suspicions. Anyway, this past week I was walking at the park with my Mother and I said that if nature didn't allow me to purge my insides so to speak, in the very near future, as it had been 10 days, I was going to be forced to punch a panda bear in the face. I think I would be justified. And she says to me: "ten days? Now wonder you have flank pain!" Thanks, Mom.

    Anyway, sugar. I don't think that sugar makes me itch. Percocet, or any "codone" for that matter makes me itch something awful. But sugar, I don't think so. However, something does make my legs get that squirrelly RLS thing every now and again and I have no idea why it comes and goes.

    Is it like itchy skin or itchy under the skin kind of thing? I have read about people with candidiasis having itchy skin. For decades I certainly had some serious itchy eczema on my upper arms right up until I went GF. But after being GF for about a month it went away completely, as did the frequency of canker sores.

    If I eat the wrong kind of gluten (usually of the pasta variety) I get rashes and sores, usually on my face, inside mouth and lower back. Also, if I eat too much gluten (of the baked good/bread variety), as I've been known to fall off the GF wagon every now and again, as in this past week wherein I went about eating a whole box of PopTarts...I digress....if I eat too much, I've come to learn that the right side of my face goes numb. The first time this happened to me I thought I was having a stroke because it started around my eyebrow and then spread down my face and lips and finally into my ear within an hour or so. I did go to the ER bc of my predisposition for blood clots with my blood disorder, but thankfully my CT was all clear. The doctor thought that perhaps I might have tweaked a Bell's Palsy like response in eating too much gluten (damn Blueberry bagel) or that perhaps Bell's Palsy or shingles might be on their way in my very near future. Long story short, I went back on the strict GF diet and I haven't had the numbness since, that is until last night when I polished off the last PopTart. And so, once my eyeball starts to go numb, well then I take the hint and go back to strict GF. It's a disconcerting feeling when your eyeball goes numb. I wouldn't recommend it.

    Now that's a ramble.

    To answer your question; no, sugar does not seem to make me itch per se.

    We do seem to have a lot in common. We should chat on Skype sometime, you know, so as to spare all your other readers the saga of my constipational (new word) woes. :)


  7. By the way, do you take Probiotics? If you are having "yeast" issues it could really help if you get the right strains.